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26 July 2013 - 0:00Oneida Members Welcome a New Cause to Support

learning more about the Oneida chamber of commerce can ensure that local residents are able to enjoy a greater degree of understanding regarding local economic issues and other concerns that may be of interest to them. The complicated nature of economics and commerce can leave many who wish to know more without a clear way to do so. The local agencies and institutions that are tasked with oversight and regulation of the regional and municipal markets may be playing a far more important role than you

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1 June 2013 - 0:00The Oneida Chamber Shows Its Support for the Season

The Oneida Chamber of Commerce is located in Oneida, New York. This organization consist of volunteers who serve the community. Chamber meetings benefit the community by allowing business owners and vendors the opportunities to network with each other. The city of Oneida offers a variety of scenic trails, canoeing and water activities for everyone in your family to enjoy. The Chamber’s mission is to provide helpful services to the citizens and business owners of the community. They have a website where you can find community event

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4 April 2013 - 0:00Looking Out for Our Newest Oneida Chamber Members

The Oneida Chamber of Commerce in New York offers its members a variety of networking opportunities. Attending these meetings will ensure that your business meets business owners who may need your product or service. The goal of most Chambers of Commerce is to improve business relationships within the community. Most Chambers promote their members on their websites.

Membership fees goes toward funding community events and social organizations. New members are honored with a special meeting once a month. New members to the community especially need the help of

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24 June 2012 - 0:00Our Greater Oneida Benefits the Greatest People

The rich history and cultural heritage of the Oneida people is something that should be valued by all. Unique history of the Native American peoples is a cultural resource that holds no barrier, and can be a benefit to the greatest number of people possible. Choosing to learn more about the tribal structure, history and customs of the Oneida people is a rewarding effort for any student or curious party.

The chance to learn, in detail, about another people has been only recently established in the

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20 June 2012 - 0:00The Oneida Commerce Becomes Greater With Season Plans

The Oneida Commerce Becomes Greater With Season Plans

The Oneida Chamber of Commerce in New York is a voluntary partnership of business that brings together professionals to create a powerful economic network and higher quality of life in the greater Oneida area. The core mission of the Oneida Chamber of Commerce is to establish prosperity and grow the economic sector of Oneida and unite it’s citizens with civic and social well being. Membership at Oneida Chamber of Commerce is continually growing and developing more sustainable methods for a greater and most positive future for the

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17 June 2012 - 0:00Oneida Chamber Members Have a New Mission

The Oneida Chamber of Commerce is not only dedicated to bringing benefits to its members, it is also dedicated to benefiting the Oneida community as a whole by “creat[ing] a strong area economy and improv[ing] the quality of life for the Greater Oneida area.” They accomplish this mission by educating the community of upcoming events and classes, hosting monthly business workshops that are open to both members and non-members, advocating on behalf of Oneida residents on government issues, welcoming new businesses

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16 June 2012 - 0:00When Our Businesses Grow Our Benefits Grow

Working together with a Chamber of Commerce businesses can grow phenomenally in a community improving the economy and the longevity of the area. Chamber of Commerce’s have a wide variety of opportunities available to help local businesses improve their operations.

From decorating a specific area in the business area to promoting individual businesses everyone will benefit from joining the Chamber of Commerce. Marketing committees work together with the businesses to help promote each other and the community.

Special events are held each year to promote joining the Chamber of Commerce as well as to raise funds for beautification and

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12 June 2012 - 0:00Our Mission is Accomplished When Our Businesses Grow Together

Working together local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce can ensure that new businesses thrive and survive in today’s economy. The best source for community and visitor information is local businesses working together to help and support one another.

The Chamber of Commerce works closely with businesses to promote each business, beautify the city and offer valuable up to date information to businessman and travelers of all kinds who come through our city. Visitors will be welcomed and have questions answered as to places to visit in town and best businesses to visit for each of their

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